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My cat seems to think I am her pillow

My cat seems to think I am her pillow

LSU’s issue in short: Mettenberger isn’t a fucking leader and Les Miles depends way too much on him. I love you LSU, but get your shit together.

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When people on tumblr post shows that they watched in their childhood I feel super old, because I was 11 to 17 when most of them came out. A 21 year old should not feel this old!

I wish I was one of those hot tumblr people that got a ton of reblogs of their selfies, but like, I’m not skinny or spectacularly curvy or considered big enough for chubby blogs, I’m not okay with posting indecent pictures of myself, and I’m just really average looking. Any submission blogs for average looking females out there? Haha.

It is my first night away from boyfriend in five days and while he texted me what he is doing I am still scared that he will be happier without me and leave me because I am boring and not good enough. I just want him here holding me and kissing me while we watch tv. But I am not blowing up his phone because I know that would make him have a bad time and he needs to know that I’m not going to be selfish and needy just because he went to the bar with his co-worker and then skate boarding.

So I just took a test and flipped out because I got a 32/50 on it, but then my teacher told me the class average was a 25/50 and we are going over the item analysis in class, so I’m not as freaked out.

Periods on birth control
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I’m going to make you super emotional and then randomly the flood gates of your vagina will open and spew blood every where.

My day in class.

My day in class.

Not looking forward to school followed by work today,

Not looking forward to school followed by work today,

I don’t think people understand, I may not purge and starve myself anymore, but the mentality of the eating disorder never left.

Why don’t guys like me? Am I like damaged or something?

I will never understand why guys date and continuously go back to trashy  girls that cheat on them while us girls that are there whenever they need as are casted off to the side.

Does anyone else ever listen to Maroon 5’s new stuff and question if they have developed brain damage over time?

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Stfu about veganism not being a diet. The definition of a diet Is the kinds of food a person, animal, or community habitually eats. If I am eating all carbs it is a diet. If I am eating only mcdonalds it is a diet. If I am eating vegetarian it is a diet. If I am eating vegan it is a diet.

I’m kind of sick of hearing about the Amanda Bynes shit. Let’s be real, if someone that wasn’t famous made those tweets and had the same arrest record they would just be your average trashy sorority girl.

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